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I guess you can call this a multi-fandom blog, but I just call it a hot mess. It contains Transformers, Disney, and many more. There's also A LOT of text posts, photos, cutesy stuff, etc etc etc.

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[megatron voice] stopping in the middle of a battle for selfies is unacceptable, starscream

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a Marshmallow Peeps movie…what

there better be a mortal peep fight scene in there

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“i dont care about looks”




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Some asshole construction workers/electricians/whatever the fuck decided it would be a good idea to wake the entire neighborhood up at 6 AM because for whatever reason they couldn’t at least wait a couple more hours to turn on their loud-ass machinery!!!

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height difference parings where the taller one is bashful and blushy and the smaller one is smirky and overconfident image

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*goes through the McDonald’s drive-thru in a jaeger*

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wanna know my biggest fanfic pet peeve?? when the writer adds (a) character(s) to the canon plotline and basically rewrites the entire canon script save for a few lines per chapter from the inserted character(s)

don’t get me wrong, i really like fics with OCs, but man, if you want to insert a character into the canon plot, like, have them involved with canon scenes and stuff, please for the love of all things holy…spice it the fuck up!!

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This will help you write good.


so flight rising is basically neopets with dragons

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When people ask how you’re doing at the end of the semester


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Things I thought about on the bus today

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this sounds like something you see on a movie poster for a shitty mean girls knockoff

this sounds like something you see on a movie poster for a shitty mean girls knockoff